FRP Chemical Storage Tanks

StoreIN Engineering is a leading FRP tank manufacturer in India, offering a wide range of horizontal and vertical tanks suitable for various applications such as chemical storage, water storage, and liquid storage. Our FRP tanks are known for their lightweight, easy handling, corrosion resistance, and resistance to bacterial attacks commonly found in cold water applications. With the ability to withstand corrosive chemicals and high temperatures, our FRP tanks have become a popular choice among customers. Our high-quality PP FRP tanks come equipped with a level indicator and all necessary standard accessories.


Application Of FRP Tank

  • Portable water storage tanks are one use for FRP tanks.
  • tanks for storing chemicals
  • Blending Tank
  • tanks for treating waste and water
  • trailer-mounted mobile tanks
  • lightweight cylinders with high pressure


  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Maintenance-free with an extended service life without requiring replacement or maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly and lightweight
  • Smooth inner surface results in less sludge buildup and less need for cleaning
  • Simple installation

FRP tanks are customised to the specific needs of clients and are produced in compliance with German DVS specifications, ensuring high quality standards. They are designed to prevent leaks and provide safe handling, and come equipped with necessary accessories such as manholes, airvents, and inlet connections.