AFE/ZFE System

The acid fume & zinc fume extraction system is used to remove toxic/acidic fumes from pickling tanks and prevent pollution. Our individually designed fume extraction systems at StoreIN Engineering are optimized for specific applications to comply with high demanding emission regulations. We provide complete equipment supply and engineering services at a low price, including installation, start-up assistance, training, and field service. Our wet scrubbers are designed to remove toxic fumes using water, providing excellent air pollution control. The scrubbing liquid absorbs pollutants before they precipitate, and each wet scrubber is manufactured and designed to meet customer requirements.



  • Compliance with emission regulations
  • Ensuring staff and worker safety
  • Protecting production equipment
  • Maintaining work area cleanliness
  • Reducing accident risk
  • Improving visibility in galvanizing shop
  • Preventing unpleasant odors
  • Operating without wastewater
  • Boosting productivity
  • Measuring pH levels