Pickling Tanks

Polypropylene is a strong, lightweight, and durable material with exceptional chemical corrosion resistance and thermal insulating properties. StoreIN Engineering is a leading manufacturer of polypropylene storage tanks for various industries, with seamless construction and superior resistance to rust, corrosion, chemicals, and fuel additives. Their tanks have sharp structures, safety characteristics, and complete leak-proofing. Using the latest technology in welding machines ensures high quality and safety. As a custom manufacturer, they can create unique tank solutions. Their tanks are widely used in chemical storage, metal finishing, and pharmaceuticals to store liquids.


StoreIN Engineering Also Offers following Pickling Tanks

  • Pickling Plant
  • Nitric Acid Pickling Tank
  • Hcl Pickling Tank
  • Sulphuric Acid Pickling Tank
  • Acid Pickling Tank
  • Batch Pickling Tank
  • Bright Bar Pickling Tank
  • Hdpe Pickling Tank
  • PP Pickling Tank
  • Pickling Tank For Galvanizing Plant
  • Galvanizing Tank
  • Pickling Tank For SS Patta
  • Pickling Tank For SS Pipe
  • Pickling Tank For SS Strip
  • Pickling Tank For SS Wire & Rod
  • Pipe Pickling Tank
  • Rod Pickling Tanks
  • Wire Pickling Tank
  • Pickling Tank For Fasteners
  • Pickling Tanks For Tubes
  • Pickling Tanks For Wires
  • Rectangular Pickling Tank
  • Frp Pickling Tanks
  • Thermoplastic Pickling Tanks
  • Effluent Treatment Tank
  • Passivation Tank
  • PP-H Process Tank
  • PP-H Process Tray For Wire
  • Polypropylene Tank For Powder Coating
  • Fume Less Pickling Plant


  • Increase Productivity
  • Hot Pickling
  • Very Less Rejection
  • Available with customized heating system
  • Better Pickling time
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Heat Resistant Flame retardant
  • High Strength 20 years guranteed
  • 100% leak proof life
  • Customized design Maintanance free
  • Cost saving
  • Easy drainage