7 Tank Process System

The Pre-Treatment Process used before the powder coating is termed as Powder Coating 7 Tank Process. The scientifically designed process contains3

Stage – 1: Alkaline Degreasing
Stage – 2: Water Rinsing
Stage – 3: Rust Remover
Stage – 4: Water Rinsing
Stage – 5: Phosphating
Stage – 6: Water Rinsing
Stage – 7: Passivation

Since phosphorating is essential to the Powder Coating Tank Process, it has earned worldwide recognition as the Phosphating Process Tank.


The Phosphating Process is the most important step in the 7 Tank Powder Coating Process. Zinc phosphate solution is used as part of the procedure to make the coating of sheet metal surfaces smooth and consistent.

Important characteristics of a high-quality Powder Coating Tank Process

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  • robust design
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  • resists extreme weather conditions
  • Leak-proof
  • tolerant to chemicals
  • unaffected by corrosion
  • requiring less upkeep
  • Procedure for a Personalized Powder Coating Tank

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